How to open a store profitable and how all the same correctly to open your store?

How to open a profitable shop, in order to receive a stable profit both in the short and in the long term? This page has a lot of time occupies the minds of people who wish to start their own business. Market competition is extremely high. In a market economy every person with sufficient means and experience, are able to access the store. That’s just the fact that they not is the key to success. The project to be profitable all you need to seriously think about, find a niche, to find the range, recruit qualified staff and, of course, to register the enterprise according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How to open your own shop, and what knowledge is needed? And what a store to open?

The first step towards building a successful business is creating a business plan. This is the basis, the Foundation, guaranteeing the future and declaring the actions of the present. For better understanding consider the real situation. Let’s say you want to open a school in a residential area. This is a very reasonable and effective step. First, you get a huge customer base. After all, people need something to wear and something to eat. Secondly, the cost of rent in those areas is several times lower than in the center. And finally, thirdly, it’s just convenient. If you provide a quality product at a price lower than in large hypermarkets, it is easier for people to go out and buy new jeans in your store, than to waste time on a long trip and walking through dozens of boutiques in hopes of finding something worthwhile.

However, despite a lot of advantages, you need to conduct a thorough market analysis before starting a business. Returning to the previous analogy, you can draw Parallels between. A simple study of nearby commercial establishments will allow a few days to find out the situation and decide, what kind of store to open profitable. It is advisable to talk with local people and to understand what they think about a particular school that does not suit them and Vice versa like that. Of course, the ideal is market research which includes qualitative and quantitative parameters. But such activities are engaged in only specialized centers, and their services are not cheap. Nevertheless the result is worth it. Know what concept would be most successful is still something to guarantee its future.

After the market is studied, it is necessary to start the project. Imagine that the data of the study provided you a number of industries in which work can be successful. How to determine the most profitable? Well, for starters you should not ask such questions. Profit have ruined a lot of interesting startups. First you need to be able to adequately measure their own strength and available Finance, work experience, business connections and so on. It is best to use one of the modern marketing tools, for example, SWOT-analysis.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a tool for long-term planning, allowing to calculate the main benefits and risks of a startup. Thanks to him, it is possible to know in advance what difficulties will meet you in the future, and what opportunities you can expect. This abbreviation stands as follows:

  • Strengths,
  • : Favorable climate,
  • Opportunities,
  • Threats.

The first paragraph includes all the advantages possessed by it is your idea. These include your experience in this area, a good starting capital, unique ideas, excellent service, knowledgeable staff, incredibly convenient for visitors to the layout. The second paragraph includes the study of the internal weaknesses of the project. The last two elements relate to the external environment. They give a chance to understand what opportunities are in the future or already are.

A good example in this context is a subsidy from the government, loans at low interest rates from banks, low cost rental in a particular area, ease of registration, the registration and in receiving of different certificates and certificates from authorized organizations. The hazards may include all the same, but in a completely different interpretation: the pressure from the state, tax burdens, unstable political situation and so on.

The above material was to make it clear that a verified recipe for success does not exist. It all depends on the specific situation and conditions. However, there are several unwritten rules followed by most aspiring entrepreneurs:

  • Do not trade appliances — this area requires a serious investment.
  • Mobile phones niche is firmly occupied by large hypermarkets and specialized stores.
  • Computer hardware require massive sales for profit, as the price premium is not more than 7%.

Well-chosen place — the key to success!

How to open a profitable store — the one that is conveniently located! It would seem that such a small thing, but its weight can reach 30% in the overall indicator of success. The first thing to consider, is it easy for customers to reach the door of the store, is there Parking, ramp, Parking spaces.

The room itself is also extremely important attribute. Before signing the lease contract, you should consider how comfortable visitors will be here. Also it helps to do a preliminary layout to see how it will look shop.

The last stage is the technical facilities, such as water, stable electricity and so on. The combination of all these elements should be the Foundation for a successful business. Only an integrated approach can provide the project the opportunity to become profitable and to pay off and bring profit to its owner.

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